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Today’s, I am giving some tips and advice, who create blog and foolproof guide to starting a blog. anyone who are interested in blogging the first question comes to their mind is how to start a blog?. I tell simple methods without learn HTML or waste your time reading long, boring methods.

I also wanted to help you avoid all the expensive mistakes that most people do.

how to start a blog:

  1. Choose your blog platform
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. choose web hosting
  4. Customize and edit your blog Write posts and add pages
  5. Get traffic and make it successful

Step 1: starting a blog -Choose your blog platform

Before you can even start worrying about how your blog will look like, you’ll need to choose your blogging platform. many CMS(  content management system) provide in market for example WordPress, Joomla, drupal etc. but most useful cms is WordPress

There are more than 82 million active users of WordPress

There are other alternatives however, and they are listed below:

  • Blogger – Definitely the next best thing to WordPress.
  • Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting, and very simple to use.
  • Joomla
  • drupal

Even my own blogs and sites are built with WordPress blogging platform. Here’s why:

  • It’s FREE for everyone to use (including themes, layouts and add-ons ).
  • It’s super easy to set up.
  • It’s secure: wonder Sony, NASA and even university blogs are using WordPress.
  • It’s HIGHLY customization.

Step 2: Set up a Blog on your own domain name

Domain name, your personal blog address this is the identity of your blog people will recognize you with this. It looks like,  etc.

domain name provide many organization like .com, .in, .org,, etc.

you all known about domain but how to buy domain so that i provided some big companies provide domain low cost.

I. godaddy 

Godday provide domain in 99₹ and hosting also. my domain, purchase on godaddy website

II hostgator  

Hostgator provide domain in 99₹, Powerful Web Hosting

Step 3 : choose web hosting

There are hundreds of companies who provides hosting and the domain such as HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, BlueHost etc. but for India, I would suggest that only two companies are the best GoDaddy and HostGator.

Things to Keep In Mind While Purchasing Hosting: There are three types of hosting available.

  1. Shared Hosting: People who want to start an individual blogging site they should purchase this hosting.
  2. Dedicated Hosting: If you have big organizations like Bank or University etc. then you should purchase this hosting.
  3. Reseller Hosting: This hosting is for web designer and web developer. In this, you will get the bulk plan and you can sell it to your clients by dividing it as per your requirement.

Step 4 : Customize and edit your blog Write posts and add pages

After purchase domain and hosting you need to Customize and edit your blog Write posts and add pages.

first you install WordPress,  In this section, I’ll show you some WordPress blog basics, including

  1. Getting familiar with WordPress dashboard
  2. Changing your blog’s design
  3. Installing new plugins/features
  4. Making your blog search engine friendly

Step 5: Get traffic and make it successful

Now that you have set up your blog and know the basics, it’s time to make your blog successful. Many beginners struggle at that point, thus I’ve put together a handful of guides to get you going easier.

After create website you post one post daily and if you post more than one that’s good for you blog.

And finally thanks for reading this article if you have any suggestion and doubt please comment below comment box.

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