How to download videos from thoptv

Many users use thoptv but they can’t download videos from thoptv. How to download videos from thoptv? all about tell in this article. If you are a new user then first you download thoptv for pc or android.

How to download thoptv? This is not a big deal. Go to my other article Thoptv for pc, in this article I provided links of thoptv for various platforms like windows, android, mac or Linux. I personally use thoptv in my android phone and windows 10.

How to download videos from thoptv

Many movies, web-series, tv shows and many other videos available on thoptv but how to download videos from thoptv. You are in the right place to know how to download thoptv videos.

Follow some simple steps to download movies from thoptv.

  • First, you download thoptv for android.
  • After download thoptv, you need to two software. 1.“Web video Cast“. And 2.“IDM android apk“.
  • Open thoptv and go to the video which you want to download. And click to top side “Broadcast icon
  • When you click on “Broadcast icon” link redirect and go to “Web video Cast app”.
  • Then open “Web video Cast” click on more option. When you click on more option you show “play/master” And click on “Three dot icon” and “open in another app”
  • you click on “Open in another app” and open in “IDM”.
  • And download this file. Most important this file format is .ts file this file play in VLC. you want to know how to convert .ts file in .mp4 click here.
How to download videos from thoptv

Note: When you click on “three-dot icon” and click on “Open in another app” And click back. You show video resolution like 1080p, 720p etc. click on which you want to download, similar on “Three dot icon” and “Open in another app” and download with “IDM”.

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Conclusion: In this article, I tried my best to tell each and everything about how to download videos from thoptv and how to download movies from thoptv. if You have any query your welcome in comment box. If You give any suggestion, please give your valuable suggestion.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day.

36 thoughts on “How to download videos from thoptv”

  1. hi admin,
    I am using thoptv last 4 to 5 months but I can’t download any videos from thoptv but this article helped me. and at this time I download almost 5 videos but I face one issue file size not show when I am downloading any videos. but that’s not a big problem.
    thanks for this article.

  2. Very nice info admin. But when I tried to download Mahadev I am getting message in IDM as “Error: Access to file forbidden by server”. Any idea how to get rid of this issue Sir?

  3. hi admin i downloaded videos from thop tv exact what u said in ur article that is so much helpful to me but my problem isnl after i downloded video is clear but audio is not coming in any video please give me proper suggestion

    thanks in advance

    • Please use VLC player. Because you download .ts file and some player not support .ts file. You use VLC player
      Thanks for giving valuable comment

      • hii admin i downloaded .mp4 format and also .ts format even im using vlc player alsoo the audio was not coming…i dont undernderstand what i did mistake…

        • Please download small size other video .ts file. And play with vlc ya mx player. I download 2 documentory from thoptv and working very well. Please tell me what you download ?? And which channel you download ???

  4. im downloaded small videos also for checking im downloading from Z5 series web series name kailasapuram…i downloaded in all way…pls help

    thank you…

  5. I use your process but I can’t download videos of thop TV . idm shows error: access to file forbiddenby server . why this happens to me please solve this problem.

  6. Hello admin, i downloaded a video from thop tv exactly like what you said. but the problem is it is in mkv fotmat. I cant play it even in vlc player. i tried a number of video converters to convert it to mp4, but that didn’t work.. Kindly help me

    • download in .ts files not in MKV format. And .ts file play in vlc properly. I will provide other players which play .ts file.

  7. Admin,
    Your article was helpful but one of the videos cannot shows brodcast screen , how to download this type of videos , by any other chance will give to me.
    Whatstar movies can show only sound , video quality, playback speed only

    • thanks for your compliment, You can’t download from whatstar. because of some channels not given a broadcast option.

      • Then how to download from videos, if u have any other options will give it to me.. My one of the favorites Shows on this folders like whatstar, Disney folders.
        Pls solve the problem bro.

    • If you want to use any stream in another mobile or your application then you can’t watch this. because when you find link, this link has a token number form thoptv. This token is valid only for your mobile or your network.


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