How do Motivational Speech work?

How do Motivational Speech work

Success and Failure in human life

Every person has difficulties in his life. Conquring with difficulties and failures is the true motive of life. To make the real taste of success we must make the failures as a part of our life. Behind every successfull person has his failures, always.

There is also a period of failure, in a person’s life where the motivational speeches is a way of moving from failure to success. Motivational speeches are the ones to increase our power in positive direction. Because of these we can start fulfilling our dreams. We leave negetivity and move towards positivity. we always go ahead withour goal in mind.Factors releted to motivational speech:-

There are many factors which are excite to listen motivational speech. some of them are
1. Speaker’s knowledge
2. people’s choice
3. Are the listener enjoying?
4. The subject of speaking reletes to audience?
5. Is the speaker interesting?
6. Can the speaker connect with the audience?
7. Topic of motivation speech

After listening speech

Most important thing is that whatever we listen we forget if we do not hear it again because the human nature is like this. Being motivated helps to achieve the things what ever u desire. If we here such speeches only for entertainment purpose and do not follow it them it does not work.
Overall i think, that no one motive you, no one can push you and no one can make you to do things untill you really want to do it. Motivational works only if you wish to changes yourself. It’s ultimately only and only you who can changes everything.

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