Top 5 Street Food in Jaipur


Top 5 Street Food in Jaipur

Jaipur is capital and largest city of Rajasthan. Jaipur called “Pink city”. The city of palaces, forts and royalty. Also the city of magnificence and splendor. we are talking about authentic Rajasthani dishes that are really high on the taste quotient. Dishes ranging from dal-baati-churma to laal maaskeema baatighewarkulfi and a whole lot of other dishes that a treat for your taste buds. Rajasthani people sure know how to live in grandeur and their food is as mind blowing as their living style.

The local street food of this city is spicy, tangy, ghee-dripping and simply irresistible. all the travellers visiting this grand city, we have compiled a list of the street food options


If you thought lassi is only a Punjab thing, you really need to visit Lassiwala on MI Road in Jaipur. Served in earthen glasses topped with a thick layer of malai, the sweet (meethi) and sour (namkeen) lassi here will instantly rejuvenate you with its freshness. To enjoy these thick, buttery and revitalising coolers, make sure to visit early as the shop often runs out on lassi after 4 pm in the evening. The Lassiwala has been here since 1944 and this legendary lassi shop now is a must-visit for all those visiting Jaipur.


Who doesn’t love Golgappa? The spicy wonder also known as puchka and paani-puri are something out of this world and everyone’s (well almost) favourite dish. The best place to eat golgappa in Jaipur is the Nand and Chawla’s. These are actually two competitor stalls that stand to each other on the Fashion Street and are thronged by people. You can choose from a variety of spicy, sweet and tangy chutneys and gorge your way through these custom-made wonders. Try the golgappas at both the stalls and decide for yourself which one’s actually the best!

Pyaaz Kachori

If you’re a local travelling to other parts of the country to meet friends or family and you ask what you can carry for your hosts, the answer may well be Pyaz ki Kachori from Rawat Mishtan Bhandar! There seems to be a craze for this onion-potato stuffed kachori and the staff is so used to people carrying the kachoris out of town that they’ll ask you if you want it packed to carry out of the station. Though Rawat has a 100-cover restaurant, it is better known as a mithai shop. Other than its signature Pyaz ki Kachori, there are almost fifty varieties of Indian sweets (laddoos, burfis and Bengali mithais). It is a weight-watcher’s nightmare but also try the spicy, deep-fried Samosa, Mirchi Vada, Aloo Bonda, Dal Kachori, etc. They do good Rajasthani food and you can take your pick from Ker Sangri, Gatta Curry, Dal-Baati-Churma, Kabuli. Please keep in mind that the place is almost always crowded from the time it opens till it closes. If you’d prefer to eat in a quieter environment, then you may get your order packed and take it away with you.

Pyaaz Kachori

Masala Chai at Gulab Ji Chaiwala

If you are a tea-lover this place should be a must and on top of your list. Situated opposite Ganpati Plaza this place is renowned for their masala chai and bun-muska. The hot chai high served with the bun-muska is sure to make every tea-lover sing praises for this place. You can also try the bun-samosa which a speciality of this place and is a craze among the locals. It is always packed and you will find people sipping chai and gossiping their heart out here. Be sure to visit this place the next time you are in town.This place closes down at 6 pm so make sure to visit it earlier!

 Pav Bhaji at Pandit’s

The pav bhaji stall of Pandit near Birla Mandir has earned a permanent name and fame for itself for serving hot and delicious pav bhaji in the city. Loved equally by locals and tourists for its consistent tastiness, the pav bhaji is served at quite a nominal price. For all those on a street food hopping in Jaipur, these stalls are a must visit. Freshly made and served hot with cube of butter and garlic chutney, you can simply not stop yourself from eating. The smell only of these pav bhajis in making are capable of making you forget all about your dieting regime!

With this list of the best street food places in Jaipur, you can start off on your food trail and be completely awed by the hospitality of this grand city



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