Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

Today, most important thinks when you buying new smartphone is establishing which OS and which one right for you. Today’s, In the market some mobile operating system like android, iOS, windows, blackberry os etc. which one the best ???.


android mobile OS developed by Google.  this OS basically design for touchscreen device like smartphone, tablet etc. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system platform.

Pros of Android 

  • Available on a large range of devices.
  • Android is an open source, and it is free for improvement.
  • Flexibility.Android is the most flexible Operating System of the three we’ve considered.
  • Google services experience is slick.Apps which tie in with Google’s online services have been integrated well in to Android.
  • Android has Widgets.Widgets are part web
  • Endless games and entertainment apps for free and paid

Cons of Android

  • Android is not about Simplicity.
  • Android does not have the best Reliability.
  • Android devices have a relatively poor reputation for security.
  • Android updates have to go through telcos and mobile operators to get to the end-user, which means that a given device has not always got the latest vulnerability patched.


iOS mobile OS developed by Apple.  It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Pros of iOS

  • Simplicity is Apple’s strength.One of Apple’s slogan is ‘It Just Works.’ If this is your first ( smart ) mobile phone or if you find it hard working with computers in general then Apple is more likely to be your sort of device.
  • Apple offers Consistency across apps and platforms.The experience on Apple devices and in the apps is far more consistent than on other platforms.
  • Apple also has control over rolling out updates to all iOS devices.
  • Apple products have a strong reputation for security.
  • It’s hard to fault Apple’s reliability.I don’t think I’ve ever had a call drop out on a call made from an iPhone.
  • There are a lot of accessories available More accessories can make your iPhone more useful to you and more integrated with your life.

Cons of iOS

  • Device range is limited.Unless you want an older iPhone 4S instead of a newer one, range of Apple iPhones is not as broad as those available to people prepared to consider the other two Operating Systems.
  • Apple devices have apps but no tiles or Widgets.The range of apps available in the iTunes store is great. But they’re just apps.
  • Apple products are not that personalisable.
  • Price. iPhones are expensive.You’ll be lucky to get away with a contract less than $50 per month for any kind of iPhone.

Windows Phone

Pros of Windows Phone 8

  • Battery life of windows phone seems good enough
  • Simplicity is one of the biggest positive side of windows phone. It is very much slick, has a modern look, crystal clear display with high resolution.
  • Windows phone is comparatively cheaper than any other smartphone.
  • Windows Phone is considered very secure, with security experts from Kaspersky having said that the operating system has been clean of malware.
  • Many Latest models of windows phone support wireless charging.
  • WiFi signal and LTE signal has great strength
  • Some windows phone has an extraordinary feature. It transmits voice, text, and email over Bluetooth headset or car kit perfectly

Cons of Windows Phone 8

  • In windows phone, there are fewer apps available than android or iOS. We can call it as “lack of app support”.
  • For some windows, phone models have limited screen standby functionality. It allows up to 5 minutes only
  • Windows phone gets slower quickly than other smartphones.
  • No USB tethering facility in this version.
  • Music player of windows phone 8 does not own equalizer.


Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone. There is no definitive answer. Every operating system has advantages and disadvantages, and not only will each one be suited to a different organisation but they may even be suited to different parts of the same organisation.

The essential decision to make is how important security is to your business. It should decide whether this budget is best. BlackBerry should also not be ignored, particularly in areas where security is core to the business.

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